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14. Bahá'u'lláh (music of Shenandoah)

To the melody of Shenandoah

13. Things That Matter

12. A Prayer For Canada

11. That's How I Want To Live

10. A Love Song For Chastity

A song about Fidelity

9. Unto The Most Holy Book Every One Must Turn

8. That Which The Lord Hath Ordained

7. When Delivering the Glad Tidings

6. Let Us Put Aside All Thoughts of Self

5. O God Sanctify Me

a Prayer

4. All Forgiveness Floweth


1. The Foundation


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DISCLAIMER: John Thomas Higgins is NOT the John Higgins who works for Hal Leonard Corporation. That’s why he uses his middle name, to make a distinction between the two people. The other John Higgins is also a composer. 



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