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Over time, John has transcribed songs from CD's that were written and performed by other composers.

Songs on this site by other composers are as follows:

- "Bahá'u'lláh", set to the melody of the folk song"Shenandoah". A version of this song was given to John by a fellow Bahá'í. John rewrote the lyrics and then wrote a piano accompaniment for it.


-  In The Days To Come, words and music by Jack Lenz. This piece is up tempo and has inspiring lyrics with a bluesy piano solo in the middle.

- Song of the Prophets, words and music by Jack Lenz and Tony Kosinec. The purpose of this song is to help children to remember the names of the Prophets of God who established the great religions of the world.

- Glad Tidings. I transcribed this song off the CD by the Congo Bahá'í Choir. It calls people to hear a message of unity from Bahá'u'lláh. The text is in English.

Pomegranate Flower in the Ridvan Garden, Akka.
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