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The music on this site is divided into categories. The first categories are music that uses text in the Bahá'í Writings from the Central Figures of the Faith, THE BAB, BAHA'U'LLAH and 'ABDU'L-BAHA.


These names appear in the list of songs that drops down when you click on the MUSIC button at top right of each page. Clicking on the name of the category opens a page that explains something about the person or the category and lists the songs included within the category. These pages don't have music for download, however. To view and download individual songs you must click on the name of the song in the drop-down list below the category.

The category COMPILATIONS has MP3 albums of songs that I have grouped together in printed song books. For example FOUNDATIONS 1 represents a book of printed music. A person can listen to all the MP3 tracks in order as they appear in the song book. I was not able to attach more than one PDF to each album, so using the drop down list is a better way to review the printed scores.

NEW ADDITIONS starting August 2020

I'm please to report that I have recorded many of the songs

with me singing them. I am slowly adding the tracks to the

list of songs with the title "Vocal SONG NAME". My intention is that the vocal tracks can help people learn the music, particularly if the person does not read music. The songs are recorded in a slow tempo, to aid in learning. The plain MP3 track can then be used as a backtrack in performance, at the proper tempo.


You may use the Mobile Website to view and listen to music, but to download the PDF scores you will need to send them to your desktop or some other device that you use to print files. I have tested downloading the MP3 files, sending them to my desktop, but I have not downloaded them to my phone.

The site lets you stream both types of files simultaneously without downloading them.


Please review my                          They are not long or full of jargon but do specify how my music is to be used.

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