Woohoo, All Done

Dear Friends,

Last weekend I completed uploading all the music I have ready to publish online or have permission to publish from other composers. It was such a relief - now the music is "out there" in a fashion that everyone may access easily.

I have two transcripts for songs by Leonor Dely that I could post but don't have permission to do so, as yet. I wrote to her on Messenger about them, but I've not received a reply.

I am trying to contact people I know who are musical by every means possible. It seems the most reliable way is by Messenger (to my Facebook Friends) or email to others whom I may have met over the years. If you know of someone who might find my music to be useful for themselves, or families or communities, please tell them about this web site.

Now I can go back to composing.




stay in the know

DISCLAIMER: John Thomas Higgins is NOT the John Higgins who works for Hal Leonard Corporation. That’s why he uses his middle name, to make a distinction between the two people. The other John Higgins is also a composer. 



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